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Irresistible Indigo

28 Jan

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As I was perusing through Indigo yesterday I got lost in their home section for quite some time! I found so many beautiful and unique things! I typically don’t run to Indigo when I am in need of something for the home but, yesterday’s experience has shifted my thinking as there were so many great home, office, bath and body items. I wanted to buy everything! Not kidding! I was really impressed with the style of most of the items; they have contemporary and traditional styles, both of which I love.

I especially loved Indigo’s choice of décor items. From beautiful throws and cushions to pleasantly fragrant candles and votives I was in heaven. Even the tea/coffee mugs were so cool! Loved them! I was actually kind of upset that I didn’t know they had such great things! I go in there a lot but, usually to the kids section with my daughter and by time we are done in there I am rushing to get out of the store as I am exhausted from chasing my daughter and picking up books which she has pulled off the shelves!

Indigo also carries an incredible selection of bath and body items. Once again, I was so pleasantly surprised! The items are bottled and packaged beautifully! The unique designs and patterns on the items are so pretty to look at and would make a great addition to any bathroom! Another section that caught my eye was the lifestyle section which consists of bracelets, scarves, wallets and handbags to name a few! The beautifully printed scarves and vibrantly coloured jewellery were irresistible!

If you are shopping for yourself or for someone special for a gift I would highly recommend that you check out Indigo. Their selection of home décor and lifestyle items is large and you will be pleased with what you find. The price range of items varies but, the majority of items are reasonably priced. Next time you are in Indigo definitely check out more than books!



Love at First Bite

26 Jan

One of my favourite bakeries ever is Kelly’s Bake Shoppe located on Brant Street in Burlington, ON. It’s a mother and daughter team who bake up delicious, organic, gluten free, and vegan desserts! I know what some of you are thinking… they MUST taste awful! NOT TRUE!! They taste amazing! I LOVE their cupcakes! They taste so good and all of the ingredients are natural and good for you! No guilt when inhaling one of those cupcakes! There are so many beautiful and yummy cupcakes to choose from but, my favourites are the red velvet and the chocolate macaroon. It’s so hard to go in there and not buy a million cupcakes because they taste delicious and there is no guilt after eating them!

They also bake cookies and cakes and other great pastries! The cakes are very good and they also look fantastic! Since I have discovered Kally’s Bake Shoppe I don’t buy cakes anywhere else! For my daughter’s 2nd birthday, which is coming up in April, I will be ordering a cake from them again!

The location on Brant Street is new… doors opened in December 2012. The owners, Kelly and Erin, also own Kindfood (restaurant and bakery) which is where all of this started! They decided to open Kelly’s Bake Shoppe as they outgrew their bakery space at Kindfood! In addition to the amazing and healthy products they offer, the bakery itself is beautiful!

Who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it too? I think we all do! Have any of you been to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe? I would love to know what your favourite cupcake is.

Drink your Greens

21 Jan


In my mission to eat more raw vegetables, I have started to make green smoothies for breakfast! I have made them on and off over the years but, since the New Year I make one almost every morning. They are super easy to make, nutritious, and best of all, taste so good! There are different variations of smoothies that I make but, my ultimate favourite is as follows:

• 1½ cups frozen fruit (I use mango and peaches – you can virtually use anything)
• ½ cup of ice
• 3 cups of spinach
• 2 kale leaves (taken off the spine)
• 1 scoop of protein powder (I use New Zealand Whey as it’s made from dairy that is hormone and antibiotic free)
• 1 to 1½ cups of liquid (this can be water or any type of almond or coconut milk)

Throw all of the ingredients into a blender and mix for a minute and a half. This will make 2 servings and it’s pretty thick! You can add more liquid depending on how you like your smoothie!

As we all have busy schedules this is a great way to start your day and get your greens in! Greens are so important in overall health and well-being! Spinach is very high in minerals and other phytonutrients. It is also an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, magnesium, folate, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, and vitamin B6. Kale is high in iron, vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin C. My favourite benefit of kale is that it is higher in calcium than milk (per calorie)! This is great for me as I do not drink milk!

As I have mentioned before, I have a daughter that is going to be 2 in a few months, and getting vegetables into her can be challenging at times! She loves the green smoothies I make and it makes me feel good that she is getting lots of vitamins and nutrients!

Below is a video of the owners of Kindfood and Kelly’s Bake Shoppe making a superfood smoothie – another yummy recipe!


Cashews and Cashmere

14 Jan


I decided to write my blog on two items that I am most passionate about; food and fashion!

My food journey started about 10 years ago when I decided to really change my eating habits and put some thought into what I was putting into my body. The most significant changes I made were eating way less processed foods and eating more real and whole foods! What I mean by real is food that Mother Nature gave us; nuts, fruit, vegetables, and meat. My diet is mostly organic (when available) however, NOT perfect but, I do what I can when I can. It’s impossible (and boring) to be perfect all the time! I love eating good food specifically organic, raw, and local! I also love to explore my community for sustainable food sources, restaurants, cafes, farms, and anything else I can get my hands on! More recently I decided to start making some raw desserts – and for the most part all turned out amazing and so yummy! I love the recipes that I have tried to far and can’t wait to share them with you!

Another passion of mine is fashion! I love shopping for unique items and also LOVE exploring one-of-a kind shops for beautiful clothes and items for the home! The super trendy stuff is also amazing! Both are intriguing to me! I am obsessed with details; I love things that are unique and beautiful! I have an appreciation for simplicity as well – there is nothing more stunning than wearing a simple dress with a wow statement necklace! Less is more!

And there is NOTHING better than enjoying amazing food followed by some shopping! I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to share your food and fashion adventures with me!

Irena xo

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Building Social Media Relationships

14 Jan


Why I am taking this course

I am a student of the McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education Marketing Program and I am taking this as an elective course. I decided to take this course as it seems that everyone is using some form of social media these days! I myself use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pretty often in my personal life! I have used Facebook and Twitter professionally on a very basic level. With a previous employer we started both sites but, not enough content was being posted and both platforms seemed to fade away. This experience made me want to learn more about the subject and it’s what attracted me to this course! I am curious about how companies effectively use social media to connect with consumers.

I also want to know and understand the most effective and strategic ways to use all of the available platforms. This is probably not a realistic expectation as there are probably way more platforms than I know of… and I am sure more are introduced on a regular basis! As more and more companies are using social media to communicate with consumers I really want to sharpen my skills in this area and stay up to date on the latest information. Throughout the course I would love to explore the most popular social media platforms and also learn the do’s and don’ts!

What I would love to know by the end of the semester:
• How to generate enough interesting content to keep audience engaged and interested
• How to chose the most appropriate social media platform
• The do’s and don’ts of social media use

Overall, I hope to expand my knowledge on the subject and walk away with some solid tools which I can incorporate into my professional life!

Looking forward to a great semester!


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